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    The journey started in June 2020.

    Once upon a time there were three sneaker and fashion-loving work colleagues in tranquil Augsburg. What began as a theoretical exuberance about social commitment, fast fashion, fair and sustainable fashion and their impact on our planet and society developed into a brand new business project by the three friends: Happy Birthday, Five12!

    During the discussion, the need for change in the fashion world became clear, which is why the only logical step for the 3 was to make lasting changes. The mission: To provide sneaker lovers with stylish, regionally produced shoes while giving something back to society. You can read how we do this here.

    If you look around the market at the moment, you'll quickly realize that modern and stylish unfortunately often means short-lived, cheaply produced, imported from far away and no longer intact until the next season. A real dilemma for the environment and fashion at the same time. At the same time, the main goal of many companies is simply maximum profit.

    We searched the depths of the internet, but the right, sustainable sneaker for the fashion-conscious foot was nowhere to be found.

    Stop it. We thought, “Alright – let’s just make it ourselves.”

    Decision made, Five12 founded... and now?

    Next we started looking for producers inside and outside Germany, chic design ideas and everything that goes with them from shoelaces to soles. With a clear goal in mind, necessity can become a virtue, but it was anything but easy to meet our standards for fairly produced, chic sneakers.

    All's well that ends well: We'll save you the epic story from the birth of our shoe to the final copy. Spoiler alert: Trust us, it would be endless.

    But just this much: countless mentors, a few changes of producers, 13 prototypes and so on...

    We are proud to present to you our shoe collection, which is completely produced in Europe and is not only fair and for-purpose, but also thoroughly stylish.

    We have now finally achieved what was important to us - a sneaker that makes us 100% happy, meets our high standards and makes our eyes shine with pride.

    It's finally time to share this sneaker with you - with the world out there that is just as fashion-conscious and demanding as the three of us. We're confident you'll love it as much as we do, so step in!

    Wir sind Five12

    Five12 Founders

    Basti, Luca und Verena

    Lerne das Power-Trio unseres Unternehmens kennen

    Basti, unser Kapitän bei Five12 und Experte aller Dinge im Bereich Networking, Social Media und Marketing. Außerdem hat Basti eine geheime Superkraft - ein Talent für brillante Geschäftsideen. Wie hat er diese Gabe erworben, fragst Du dich? Ganz einfach, während seines Studiums in Mode- und Businessmanagement. Wer hätte gedacht, dass Fashionliebe und Tabellenkalkulationen so gut zusammenpassen können? 

    Wo wir schon dabei sind, lass uns über Geld sprechen. Luca, unser Finanzzauberer, weiß nicht nur, wie er diese Tabellenkalkulationen zum Singen bringt, sondern kann auch erstklassige Produktillustrationen erstellen. Er ist derjenige, der unser finanzielles Schiff reibungslos auf Kurs hält. Sein finanzielles Know-how hat er durch sein Studium im Bereich Finanzmanagement.  

    Last but not least, Verena, unsere IT-Fee. Sie ist diejenige, die für die Erschaffung von Web-Wundern verantwortlich ist und sich um die technische Seite von Five12 kümmert. Ursprünglich begann ihre Reise in den Naturwissenschaften, dann machte sie einen Abstecher in die Welt der Mathematik und von dort ging es in die IT (eben auch Nullen und Einsen). Jetzt navigiert sie unser Schiff sicher durch die digitale Welt.  

    Gemeinsam sind wir ein Dream-Team beim Brainstorming, entwickeln gemeinsam neue Produkte und arbeiten eng mit unseren Partnern zusammen. Die Kombi aus uns dreien macht Five12 zu dem, was Du hier siehst.

    Die Geheimzutat ist eine Mischung aus Fachkenntnissen, Kreativität und einer Prise Charme.  


    it's not just shoes and clothing. it's a philosophy!

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