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    We show LOVE

    Since we believe that only by giving something can come back at the end of the day, we have decided to do something good, starting with regional projects. This is how we support non-profit associations, organizations and causes that, like us, want to make a difference.

    Because we care about our fellow human beings.

    Only together can a world as it is today exist and only those who experience good things can also make good things happen in the world.

    Five12 Projects

    Together we create social added value for a fairer future for everyone.

    Papilio gGmbH

    We donate to Papilio with every purchase of a print apparel with our "The Fall of Icarus" design - so that kids don't lose their minds as adults because of their childhood experiences.

    Papilio encourages children to deal with their emotions, strengthens their social skills and helps them develop their potential.

    Because the better children can deal with their feelings, the more empathetic and healthy they go through life.

    Socially-emotionally competent children are also demonstrably better protected against negative developments such as addictive and violent behavior, and have significantly better educational opportunities.

    In order to reach all children, regardless of origin and social background, Papilio trains daycare and primary school teachers.

    Together with you and other partners, Papilio creates social added value - for a fairer society with a future!

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